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Frequently Asked questions

Q: What is dot x ott?

A: dot x ott is a farm-to-table restaurant and market serving breakfast, lunch, dinner. Our menu features California cuisine, straight from our farm while our market offers locally curated goods, grocery staples, beer, wine, and produce. In short, we are a restaurant, market and farm.


Q: Farm?

A: Yes. We invested in an opportunity to bring freshly harvested, nutrient-dense, diverse, clean and sustainable local produce to our restaurant + market. 


Q: Where is the farm?

A: Our farm, Pickalittle Farms, is located 10 miles away from the restaurant- off of Hwy 99 and Houghton Road.


Q: Can we visit the farm?

A: The farm will be open to the public in Spring of 2019.


Q: What will you have there?

A: Seasonally rotating fruits and vegetables, herbs, flowers, a farm stand, a U-pick area, holiday events, and classes.


Q: Is it organic?

A: Our farming practices go beyond organic. We pride ourselves on growing clean, sustainable and regenerative produce, free from use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other artificial agents. We are currently in the process of becoming Certified Organic; however, we will always continue to farm beyond organic for nutrient-dense, diverse produce.


Q: What kind of food will you serve at dot and ott?

A: We will serve a creative menu of boutique, California cuisine while showcasing local meat, fish, and eggs. Every single menu creation features produce from our farm and the menu is 100% built around what is seasonally available.


Q: What percentage of produce comes from your farm?

A: 98% of our produce comes from our farm. 


Q: Is the restaurant vegan?

A: We have great vegan options.


Q: Do you have meat?

A: Yes. And fish + chicken.


Q: Does the menu change?

A: Yes. Each season, as the crops are harvested and new crops and varieties are planted, we will create a new menu to keep our dishes interesting and to highlight and give love to new crops that come into rotation.


Q: So how often will the menu change?

A: 3-4 times per year.


Q: What if I like a dish and you change the menu?

A: We hope you will still come in to try a brand new menu creation. You may end up liking something even better than the previous dish! 

Q: Do you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner?

A: Yes. We open at 7am for breakfast, where we have counter service breakfast from 7am-11am. Lunch is counter service and served 11am-3pm. Happy hour is from 3pm-5pm. Dinner is a spectacular event, with full-service dining from 5pm-9pm. Our chef frequently makes specials straight from the farm for the evening that are only available at dinner.

Q: Are you family-friendly?

A: Yes! We have a newly-debuted children’s menu with all options at $6, available all day.


Q: Who is your chef?

A: Chef Take Kato, an exceptional, creative, talented and humble individual with heart, determination, and skill. 

Q: Are most of your items made in-house?

A: Yes! Our chef + team make everything in-house. The tortillas, bread, sauces, dressings, pestos, whipped cream, desserts.


Q: Market?

A: Our market is located in our establishment and will offer our seasonal, clean produce from our farm, California milk and cheese, local, cage-free eggs, local meat, California-caught fish, handcrafted goods, sweets, house-made items, grocery staples, specialty wine and beer, and unique, staff-selected and tasted, products sourced from California and beyond. 


Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open Tuesday- Saturday from 7am-9pm. We are closed on Sunday + Monday.


Q: Do you deliver?

A: We are working on delivery. 


Q: Do you cater?

A: We are working on catering + banquets, please call us for information.


Q: Do you offer events?

A: Events will also be coming in the near future. Please call us for information


Q: Private Parties?

A: Yes! Please call us for information.

Q: What does “dot x ott” mean?

A: Growing up, owner Jessie Blackwell’s neighbors, Dorothy and Otto, or Dot and Ott as they went by, were like family. Otto handcrafted a wooden rocking horse for Jessie and her sisters when they were young. To this day, it sits in Jessie’s baby’s nursery, and is played on almost daily by her children. When coming up with a name for the restaurant, it is the first thing that came to mind and holds a special meaning.