pickalittle winter 2018 37_small.jpg

As dot x ott started to become a reality, the question on our mind was how + where can we source the highest quality ingredients for the menu? The answer came when we met local farmer + Certified Master Gardener, Mary Jean Russell of Pickalittle Farms.

Mary Jean had already been growing + harvesting produce in Bakersfield for 15 years. Not only did she have experience but we also fell in love with her passion + dedication for clean + sustainable farming practices. We knew that we wanted to include Pickalittle Farm’s produce into our dishes.

At the time, Pickalittle was operating on a 1.5 acre plot of land + lacked the capacity to grow + supply the full operation of dot x ott. Dedicated to Pickalittle’s mission of growing clean + sustainable produce and dot x ott’s approach to provide high-quality, delicious + fresh food, Jessie Blackwell of dot x ott + Mary Jean decided to form a partnership + expand Pickalittle Farms by purchasing 15-acres of beautiful farmland in Bakersfield. Through our partnership, dot x ott provides + serves the best + highest quality produce all grown locally by a passionate, knowledgeable + talented farmer.

Looking forward we have exciting plans to plant a variety of new crops, open a Farm Stand to the public, offer a U-Pick area, expand our CSA subscription, complete our Organic Certification + to host many events, classes and family activities on the farm. Be on the lookout as we unveil all of the new and exciting changes coming to our wonderful city of Bakersfield.